Buy fresh truffles from the estate

The estate of la Brousse produce first class truffles, of impeccable quality, having been grown and picked with constant care and attention. Before being offered for sale, the truffles are rigourously selected et classified. You may order your truffles from the estate of La Brousse by using the printable order form. The prices vary according to the local markets prices.    
  Classification: different categories of truffles  
We implement the new regulations regarding the selling of fresh truffles: washed, brushed, ressuyées, canifées et sorted by variety and by category, following the classification set forth below:


Category 1
Category 2
Weight>30g., few imperfections Weight >10g., slight imperfections Truffles whole and pieces, more imperfections.
  Selling of fresh truffles during the picking season    
  The selling of fresh truffles takes place during the picking season, from December to the end of February:
  • On the estate of la Brousse itself (see map)
  • On the traditionnal markets of Charente: Angoulême, Cognac and Jarnac
  • Upon request, we also send truffles by courrier, in sealed vacumed packets.
      Prices per Kilo Prix au kg vary accoring to the local market prices:          
    Catégorie 2
    Tuber Melanospurum
    Tuber Brumale
    indisponible n/a
    indisponible n/a
    indisponible n/a
      Printable Order Form    

    You may order your truffles now by printing and filling in the order form , to be returned with a cheque to M. Doublet, Truffieres de la Brousse, Bonnneville, 16170 Rouillac, France. We send parcels by "Chronopost" delivery service up to 2 kg. Shipping costs are at client's expense:

  • up to 1kg, 23 €
  • between 1kg and 2kg, 26.95€
  • Please contact us for any shipping to Corsica, DOM, our outside France.