The estate of La Brousse invites you to share its passion for truffles...

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Vin et truffesWithin the surroundings of a truffle farm, we have the great pleasure of introducing you to truffles and their particular environment.

When visiting our farm, you will become familiar with truffles and the delicate conditions necessary for this prestigious production to occur , together with a dedication to respecting a fragile and sensitive ecosystem.

Upon leaving, you will be suprised by our active contribution to maintaining the environment, in the context of a lasting, durable agriculture.

Due to their requirements, truffles appear to be an ideal way of understanding nature, trees, soil, flaura and fauna. Furthermore, truffles allow to measure what the contribution of man should be, and where its limits should stand.

The products of the estate reflect this approach.
  Passion naturally calls for sharing and exchanging, which our site naturally aims to achieve. Knowledge of truffles may be achieved through a gourmet week-end, along with other local quality products such as Pineau des Charentes, Cognac, foie-gras, in an admirable touristic background .
We remain at your disposal should you hae any specific requests.