Varieties of Truffles

Two varieties of truffles are mainly grown and picked on our estate : Tuber melanosporum and Tuber brumale.  
  • Tuber melanosporum
  • , also called Perigord truffle. It is referred to as the "diamant noir", black diamond, by the French, and may also be found in the South of France, in Italy and in Spain. Its flavour is best appreciated with raw or slighhtly cooked recipes.
    It is a product of exceptional quality and nobility.
  • Tuber brumale :
  • It can be found in the same areas as Tuber melanosporum.
    This truffle has a more fragile peridium (bark) which can be scratched off with a fingernail. Its taste may be quite strong and is always less suttle than that of Tuber melanosporum.
    It can withstand cooking quite well and is used mainly for cooking sauces, pates and meat pies.