A year growing truffles

Truffière irriguée
       A truffle grower cultivates essentially an ecosystem, and he consequently interferes in a reasonned and limited way. On the estate of La Brousse, we are concerned mainly with preserving this delicate balance.
Production, when it does occur, will not do so before eight to ten years!
After winter, the trees, mostly green oaks and pubescent, are trimed carefully in order to obtain the adequate amount of sunlight at ground level. The grass is croped regularly when the soil is dry.

In August, the truffles start to grow actively, and their needs in term of water become important. This period of the year is often very dry and irrigation then becomes necessary.

The "brûlé" around the tree

The "cavage": man and dog, searching for truffles

  When the grass around the trees dries out (a burnt area called "le brûlé"), it is likely that truffles will be found. From December to the end of February, the truffles can be picked. The specific picking of truffles is called "cavage" and is a skillfull teamwork between man and dog: the dog's sense of smell is used to detect truffles when best matured.